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La Jaula de Oro.

(N.p.): Salvador Jiménez-Flores, 2020. Jiménez-Flores, Salvador. Silkscreened broadside. One of twenty-five copies, signed by the artist, Salvador Jiménez-Flores. Second edition, printed for individual sale, whereas the first was printed for inclusion in a portfolio.The shape of the United States flag is here rendered as a cage of golden ink, with stripes of white and black and all set against a black background. The gloss of the metallic gold both dazzles and discomforts, suggesting that the financial gain of the American Dream is not as inclusive as it purports to be. Further, being created by a Latinx artist, the piece offers a meditation as much on whom the United States keeps out as whom it keeps in, whom it ensnares. It evokes the literal cages used by ICE to detain immigrants, as well as the emotional cages of trauma and fear instilled in and by xenophobic beliefs. Jiménez-Flores’s move from a rural town in Mexico to a major metropolis in the United States has underscored his artistic grappling with residual colonialism, identity, and the duality so often required of those who are multicultural and multilingual. Very fine. Framed. (22 by 14 7/8 in.). Item #30364

Price: $375.00