U.S.A. Surpasses All the Genocide Records! Pressing Issues.

U.S.A. Surpasses All the Genocide Records!

(N.p. Reflection Press, c. 1973). Maciunas, George. Lithographed broadside. Printed red-on-white in the pattern of the United States flag, but with 50 skulls-and-crossbones replacing the stars and text instead of solid stripes. A provocative reimagining of the American flag, placing the American killings of South Vietnamese and Native Americans side-by-side with atrocities committed by Kublai Khan, Spain, Stalin, and the Nazis. George Maciunas first created the flag concept in 1966; this copy is an updated edition, redesigned to incorporate the higher statistic of those massacred in Vietnam. The flag’s final stripe invites viewers to write to the Fluxus P.O. Box in New York. In response, they would receive a sheet of statistics, calculations, and references. Maciunas was a founding member of Fluxus and was a direct dreamer for equal rights and institutional transparency and disestablishment. Trace creasing at the edges, else near fine. Framed. (24 by 15 3/4 in.). Item #30363

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