Angels & Emblemata:
Monotypes, Oils, and Intaglios by Michael Kuch

Bromer Booksellers & Gallery is pleased to present its latest exhibition, “Angels & Emblemata: Monotypes, Oils, and Intaglios by Michael Kuch.” The centerpiece of the exhibit is Kuch’s Moth Angels, his new series of small monotypes and oils on copper. The moth-winged seraphs are Kuch’s reaction to the horrific invasion of Ukraine, and in turn the angels themselves react with gestures of anger, grief, defiance, and resistance. The thirty total images display emotion as iconography, made all the more intense by Kuch’s decision to repeat each figure three times: as monotype, as a secondary “ghost” printing, and as oil painting directly on the copper plates. 

In addition to Moth Angels, the exhibit will be the debut of the long-awaited artist book from Kuch’s Double Elephant Press, Emblemata – Hic Sunt Dracones. In the wildly popular tradition of 16th- and 17th-century emblem books, here Kuch’s poems and etchings of allegorical figures comment on our 21st century. Other works from previous Double Elephant Press books will also be on display, including proofs and original works that evince Kuch’s penchant for humor and whimsy; a watercolor teapot flies as a chariot might, another watercolor imagines hope as a man with feathers, and the book An Alliterative Abecedarium of Anthropomorphic Animals is a fanciful cross between bestiary and the English alphabet.

Moth Angels

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